ROBERT BOJOR NDUM, Founder of ASRED Film Production.

Hi, there! Pleased to meet you. I am Robert Bojor, a videographer from Kansas City, KS. I was born and raised in Cameroon. I moved to the USA in September of 2018 and since then I have been pursuing my dream in performing arts and entertainment. Initially started out as a recording/performing artist. When I moved here in 2018, I found it hard to locate professional videographers in the city who could help me make quality music videos that could go a long way to boost my music career. I released music daily for two years. Making music and putting it out there has always been my passion. I was forced to get into film production when I found out so many people needed photo & videography services. I connected with a few artists in the area and they said the same thing; they were facing the same problem and after networking with some artists, I volunteered occasionally to help direct/shoot their music videos. I also did photography for events like parties and weddings. It wasn’t a problem as I loved learning this new skill. The only difficulty I faced was the fact that I did not have anyone to do my own videos and photo shoots in return. I did try it though, actually doing music videos for myself was a hassle and I faced so many setbacks. Money was also a problem and video services usually were so expensive for new bees like me, starting out life in a new city (country). So I needed to raise money and doing what I love has always been my main motivation and point of focus and not how much money I get to make. I dedicated my time and energy to learning and perfecting the skills I’m offering today because I knew I needed to be so good in order to attract high-paying clients.

Finally, in 2020, I decided to start my own videography business officially, as there were still visible prospects for growth in the demand for the services. I thought to myself, I could make good money from this now and in the long run, and also still get to connect and network with good people. In 2020 I started ASRED as a fulfillment of my desire to succeed and make my dream of making music and entertainment a reality. Being recognized as an industrious and multi-talented entrepreneur. After 3 years I have been able to comfortably and confidently manage working for ASRED and also making music during my personal time. I love to work with more people from Kansas City. Currently, I’m in the studio 24/7 either working on your projects or my music (check out my Twitter & Instagram for updates). I believe improving a skill and being talented at the same time is a plus for me. I’m always passionate about producing any kind of project. It’s a privilege I must say and I’m highly honored that you chose to work with ASRED Film Production.