ASRED is an abbreviation for Architect, Shoot, Review, Edit & Deliver. Established in 2020 as a one-man business, our CEO/Director, Robert Bojor, was able to acquire all the skills and resources needed to be able to perfect his art and also support a high demand of requests from around the USA, UK, and a few African countries. He carefully picked talented and dedicated people, putting together a professional team of skilled photographers, videographers, screenwriters, story auditors, scriptwriters, sound designers, editors, and technical professionals. Surprisingly, to this day, CEO, Robert Bojor is actively participating in the production and will be available 90% of the time to go out and work on every project… how nice of him.

As at this moment, we can proudly and confidently say Robert Bojor has successfully built a qualified team that’s able to operate and scale in any direction as well as aid in presenting your story to the world in the best of ways ever. Let ASRED transform every moment in your future into an unforgettable memory. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, or how you want it, the ASRED team is dedicated and committed to working with you to better understand your project and its requirements in as much detail as possible. We’ve only been around for a few years (3 years and counting). Our goal is to keep growing until we become a well-renowned film production company in Kansas City, KS USA. We would more than love to add your project to our archives of projects as we hope to get more creative with every unique piece we are opportune to work on. Trying to always attain perfect results is our motto and we expect to meet our target over the coming years. It’s our utmost desire to make every new customer a lifetime returning customer. The quality products we deliver, and the outstanding services we render all go a long way to satisfy our clients. Above all, our affordable prices are a boost to why you would love to get started with us. We also know how important your time is to you and we’ll make sure to deliver your product before due dates. Thank you and we wish you lots of fun as you begin your journey to working and getting to know our team. One love!